Crazy online reaction about the new iPhone 14

iphone 14

Since apple announced the release of the new iPhone 14. A lot of people have aired views about the phone.

Am a fan of tech gadgets, especially mobile phones. But the rate apple is tormenting people with the iPhone product is unspeakable.

Imagine saving money for like six months to buy iPhone 12 pro max. And be forming the latest big boy & big girl in town. Then boom apple decides to release iPhone 14.

Shea, na to sell the 12 pro max and add your salary join to buy the new iPhone 14. Abi just pipe low and pretend you did not hear the news of the newly released iPhone 14.

las las iPhone 14 go still be an old model like iPhone 5 and it’s sisters.

let’s take a look at some of the crazy Twitter reactions about the new iPhone 14

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