Horrifying case: She's been holding a sex slave for 31 years
The ultimate nightmare as a sex slave has been with a woman in Venezuela for 31 years

Matias Salazar, 56, is accused of sexual violence , sexual slavery and psychological violence against a 49-year-old woman. 

Prosecutors say she manipulated and cheated on her while she was still in her teens , "never to leave her home."

The woman spent three whole decades in a dark room with no windows and alone with the radio and television. From the age of 18, according to a report in the Independent , lived to sexually satisfy the rapist of .

In January this year, the 49-year-old managed to escape when Salazar left a pair of keys behind him. The victim with whom she came out of the house - "hell", went to a women's support agency.

Immediately, the 56-year-old was arrested and found to be in custody.

"He was always friendly"

Residents reported that the perpetrator lived in an apartment with his wife and daughter , just opposite the house that held the 49-year-old prisoner.

Indeed, many point out that they had not noticed anything unusual in his behavior, and, as they stressed, he  was " always friendly ".

It appears that, according to a neighbor who entered her home, the woman was living  "with three shifts of clothes, something old shoes, a double bed on the floor, an old fan and an old TV."