She Drugged Me And Had S*X With Me – Should I Accept The Pregnancy?
A lot of people will never believe this but I feel sad when I remember what really happened and it has been hurting me since because I am struggling to make a decision.

I am 23 and a fresh graduate doing his national service. I met this new maid in our home when I returned from school a few months ago.

Though she was beautiful, I always ignored her because I felt my girlfriend from campus was more beautiful and I also promised never to cheat on her.

A few days after I arrived home, our maid was introduced to me by my mum who knows I am a very unfriendly person.

After the introduction was done, my mum asked her to leave us alone and later begged me to learn to tolerate her because she was one of the best maids she’s ever had since I was born.

We normally struggle with maids because my mum is one strict woman that even an angel will struggle to cope with. She just wants things to be done her way and nothing else.

The name of this fine-looking maid was Cece as my mum told me. I remember the only thing we did at that moment was shaking of hands.

Two days afterward, my mum was out of home as usual on her work duties and I was left alone at home with Cece. She never hid her feelings, she walked to my room straight after realizing I was still in bed after 10 am to ask what I did the previous night.

I told her I did nothing but she went further to ask if I wanted something. I responded in the negative and told her I was ok. Initially I never understood what she meant until she came back to my room with a cup of tea.

After calling my name, she asked again if I wanted to eat before I eat or I will like to eat before I eat. I immediately read through the lines and deciphered that she was talking about s*x.

I ignored her but she was persistent. She sat next to me and rubbed her hands on my thighs. In fact, I felt her hands touched my thing. I hit her hands hard and asked her to leave my room. She stood up and pretended she was scared but before she left, she bent to pick the cup and her tin strings clearly showed beneath her butt line.

She ignited something in me but I killed that feeling. I could have done anything I wanted to her but I really wanted to keep my dignity.

Well, she had her own plans. Never joke with a woman. She was just waiting for lunchtime to have me all to herself.

To cut a long story short, she drugged my food. I couldn’t finish eating before she jumped onto my chair and sat on me. I felt very sleepy all of a sudden after a few minutes but the feeling from all she was doing was much stronger.

Yeah, she had me all for herself that afternoon and she enjoyed me to the maximum. I enjoyed her too even in my unconsciousness though but there is a lot more to that.

She is now pregnant and says I am responsible. Should I accept it taking a look at how it happened?