The oldest man in the world is (almost) 113 and shares his longevity secrets
Next month Chitetsu Watanabe turns 113 years old . But his birthday gift came a little earlier than Guinness World Records , which has confirmed he is the oldest man in the world at the moment.

Watanabe received his certificate last Wednesday at the care center where he lives in Niigata , Japan . According to Guinness, she is 112 years old and 344 days old . He also succeeded Japan, the world's oldest man, who died last month at the age of 113 . 

To celebrate it, Watanabe made an ideogram banner that reads: "World No. 1 » .

Last year, in an interview, Watanabe had revealed that the secret to longevity was: "Never get angry and smile . "

The nearly 113-year-old man loves sweets, like brown sugar, but these days, as he has lost his teeth, he enjoys the creams and fillings the suds have.

Watanabe was born on March 5, 1907, and was the eldest of his eight brothers.

For many years, he worked for a sugar manufacturing company before working in a Japanese government agricultural service, from which he retired. In 1944, near the end of the 2nd World War. was enlisted in the Japanese army.

He had five children .

An avid gardener , up to the age of 104 he was cultivating his own fruit and vegetables while by 2007 he was participating in bonsai tree fairs.

It is noted that according to Guinness, Japan also has the oldest human being in the world . This is Kane Tanaka , who was born on January 2, 1904, last month closed 117.