What is the worst response to I love you

Ah! This story was waiting to be shared.
Not only the response but the entire story was messed.

Time : The lovely 90’s. A time, when the kids were not exposed to the onslaught of smartphones and internet. And “speaking” with the opposite sex in school needed a lot of courage.

Before the D -Day
A close friend of mine in school had a crush on a girl a few years junior to us. Let’s call her “C”. And my friend “P”

Now Mr. P was not sure if it was love or just a crush on Miss C. He gave himself a few months before he could pop the question to her.

He spent those days following her during school breaks, collecting labels, pens, and every memorabilia that had its name starting with “C” (Arggh!!)

We were a bunch of average middle benchers (neither last nor first), while Miss C was a class topper. She always received her marks card from the principal during a morning school assembly.

Mr P realized that he had to do something to get noticed. It was time for Peter Parker to be the Spiderman. He went out of his way to achieve this.

Nah, he didn’t study harder, he joined the band playing drums during school prayers. This band was also responsible for playing when someone received awards on stage.

Ya, you got it. Mr P played drums with such enthusiasm when Miss C was on stage that his animated display was a treat for everyone.

The D -Day
After days and months of assessment, it was time for Mr. P to say it all. He decided that it was time to propose. But our Munnabhai thought that he couldn’t achieve this feat alone. He needed few circuits with him. He chose me and another close friend. Incidentally, this other friend, Mr. U had a plastered broken arm that day. So Mr. P and his two sidekicks, Mr A (that’s me) and Mr. U started our long walk to Miss C’s block.
I was already shivering thinking of the consequence. My mouth had dried and I was feeling dizzy.

That moment
We saw Miss C was at the stairs laughing and chatting with her friends. I was secretly hoping that we didn’t find her. Mr. P went ahead and called Miss C and said that he wanted to speak with her. By this time I had no idea what he wanted to speak.
Before Miss C could respond, one of her imperious friends jumped on him asking what he wanted to speak.

Mr. U, with his broken arm, and I were simply staring at her. Of all the people on earth, she was the last I would have wished to confront. We had seen this girl a few months back punching a boy and pulling his hair out! Someone had said that she was a taekwondo player.

The white or black belt didn’t matter. Just her martial artist attitude had instilled fear in us. We didn’t know that she was Miss C’s friend. I realized that we had stepped in the Shaolin Temple, unarmed.

We could see that Mr. P was panicking under her intense questioning. He finally uttered I Love your friend C and……RAN AWAY!!

For a moment I felt that the entire world had come to a halt. It was as if everyone was staring at us. There was silence everywhere.

Looked like I was minutes away from fainting. By the time I realized what was happening, I could see Miss C crying and all her friends jumped on us saying they will complain about us to the principal.

Mr. U with his arms tied like Bollywood hero “Sahenshah” mustered courage and said that we were not from their division and they would not know our details to complain about. I looked at him approvingly, nodding my head.

I felt it was a masterstroke. The imperious friend of Miss C instantly replied that it was not difficult to identify a senior with a plastered broken arm. I felt he was lucky that she was just speaking and not twisting that broken arm of his.

I was sensing that she might hold me and bang my head against the wall. She was unusually tall and well built than me.

Hearing her response, Mr. U started running. The girls jumped from the steps to catch him but without much success.

All of them had switched on their “Kill Bill” mode. I sensed an opening during all this commotion and started running myself, holding on to my dear life. It was a great escape for us.

We three didn’t attend school for a week after that. We pretended sick. I was seriously sick.
Thankfully nothing happened. No complaints nothing.

We three grew apart after we finished our schooling. I was not in touch with Mr. P for a very long time. When we met a few years back and recollected this incident, he said Miss C’s friend had joined the same college as his and at one time, proposed to him!

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