Where do innate tendencies come from

I believe innate is a word of Latin origin (speaking of Latin, I can’t believe they no longer teach it in school) but I’m getting off track.

I could try and give you a ‘fancy’ definition but I have always liked this word for many reasons and I will tell you why, and I will also tell you what I believe innate characteristics are.

For lack of a better word, these are our ‘insides.’ An undeniable thing. Something we have had since birth. It could be an innate sense of self (that’s a very good thing) or an innate ability to be able to read people (another very good thing. )

Also, it is basically things we literally inherited through our parents, their parents, and so on. These innate characteristics were passed down to us.

Some may view these things as gifts. I know that’s exactly how I feel. I came from two extraordinary people. Exceptional human beings.

I know how very rare this is. So any ‘innate characteristic’ I inherited through any of these amazing people has to be a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

You can equate innate with definite. No question or doubt. A real thing. Something we carry with us because it was given to us.

by ancestors who hopefully passed along some very important and special things to us that live inside of our souls. An undeniable part of us that in a way defines us and the people we have become and who we will always be.

The two most important days of a person’s life is the day you were born and the day you find out why

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